Hello, I'm Leo
I'm an art director, graphic designer, product designer and creative lead.
I have +20 years of multidisciplinary experience in creative areas, such as design, experiential marketing, events, advertising, digital marketing and e-commerce.
In all of these areas, my role is always solving complex problems in an innovative, relevant, simple and impactful way.
I have experience in leading creative teams and project management. I also had the experience of having my own business, where I managed all areas and suppliers.
I have worked at agencies like Tatil Design, DM9 DDB, Dream Factory, Santa Clara, and I'm currently working at BFerraz agency. 
I have created projects for clients such as Samsung, Porsche, Johhnie Walker, Coca-Cola, Ambev, Skol, Brahma, Tim, Vivo, Oi, Latam, Nestlé, Volkswagen, Shell, Sónar Festival, Heineken. 
You can see a selection with some projects I've worked on the /work section.
If you want to know more or see other projects, get in touch, check my Instagram or check my full profile and cv at Linkedin.
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